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Photo #142917

09.23.16 160 times 14 20 lists
Those can't be the rules for here. I've seen each of those rules broken more than once since the name change.
by satero, 36 mins ago
Use common sense: No nudes,no guys,no grainy/out of focus,no watermarks, not too young or old,and try to only upload original content, If you have seen the pic on other websites then it is likely here already.
by sehven, 4 hours, 53 mins ago
The rules/faqs just give me legal jargon. No actual policy for what to avoid when uploading.
by walgreens, 16 hours, 28 mins ago
Very sexy
by jz022, 17 hours, 8 mins ago
Why does it take so damn long to upload photos?
by lovingit, 19 hours, 51 mins ago
Hellspride, Are you getting the Rules, Facts and terms. I don't get them, Aren't the upload rules in that section?
by hardhat1, 19 hours, 52 mins ago
It's in the menu just above logout
by HellsPrideIsBack, 20 hours, 4 mins ago
Can someone point me to the upload rules? Can they be cropped, covering face with a phone, snaps? I do know guys can't be in the picture.
by walgreens, 22 hours, 31 mins ago
Samebait #142743 and #142766
by Butcherbill, 1 day, 1 hour ago
This comment has been removed.
This comment has been removed.
by tinyluv, 1 day, 7 hours ago
ahhh she's perfect, nice pull butcherbill!
by suckatrick, 1 day, 9 hours ago
Comment page still #1082529
by peachygirl99, 1 day, 14 hours ago
Congrats, Butcherbill! She's a true angel!
by Lemondrop, 1 day, 15 hours ago
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This comment has been removed.
Woooo my first HP
by Butcherbill, 1 day, 16 hours ago
How do you do that thing that likes pics to others of the same girl?
by Butcherbill, 2 days ago
by damnright, 2 days, 4 hours ago
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