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11.14.07 79 times 12 7 lists
by Kingporter67, 2 years, 4 months ago
Pred8Her: You can backpedal and spin it all you want. You know what you're doing, and (now), so does everyone. 'nuf said.
by bobo1234, 5 years ago
Having an odd tags for one's self is one thing - it's pretty innocuous. To flood the tags of *others* out of some passive-aggressive protest is a whole different animal.
by bobo1234, 5 years ago
yes they will, lol
by froderick, 5 years ago
But they will get attention :)
by SPUnkmuNKY, 5 years ago
I use the mensa tag. I do not use it to mark my favorites, i have a favorite collection. the mensa tag is used to point out that some ladies will have a tough time being taken seriously due to their figure.
by froderick, 5 years ago
Stop doing it. If it continues you'll be banned from commenting.
by du, 5 years ago
So, that's like spamming/flooding, right?
by bobo1234, 5 years ago
Since the tags used are not real tags and are only used to mark personal favorites of those that use those tags, I am adding this to their collection. So when they go looking for their favorites (that they don't favorite), this "beauty" will come up.
by Pred8Her, 5 years ago
Pred8Her: Why are you using tags that you have, previously, complained about? And why so many?
by bobo1234, 5 years ago
by maskedfapper, 6 years, 7 months ago
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