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by tinyluv, 2 months, 1 week ago
anyone ever get on here and have the random fairy just ruin your day with awesomeness ?
by boatguru, 5 years, 8 months ago
Yah, let's not do that.
by STB, 6 years ago
The only thing that could make this any more amazing would be a mobile app. Love JBG
by kold_eye_blind, 6 years ago
bugs: No one is being reinstated for uploading right now. So it's "semi-permanent".
by du, 6 years ago
boobseverlasting..you can contact Admin, info in FAQs, or since you have no pictures uploaded or in queue..just create a new account
by Kevin922, 6 years ago
DU, my wife has breached several of my accounts and I think this one is next. How can I change my password???
by boobseverlasting, 6 years ago
Comment/chat on #771220 please, not on HP (See comment from Kevin992 below), comment page will be notified on HP daily to keep HP cleaner. Flags here may just be to clear the HP.
by onlylooking, 6 years ago
Why does everyone always have to complain about their uploads? Like omg..my pic didn't make it...boohoo. Spunky, no disrespect meant, but I get tired if seeing people complaining all the time on here about why their pics didn't make it. Kinda annoying.
by bigdaddyt, 6 years ago
Gorgeous tummy!
by soap42, 6 years ago
nzambf - welcome to this wonderfull site. being new and all please read the faq it has been updated. while ur at it upload some quality pics and i will be sure to check them out (y)
by rayray11, 6 years ago
Sorry DU I thought i was on the right track after the warning. Is it a perminant ban?
by bugs, 6 years ago
the new FAQ rocks.
by theone, 6 years ago
Very pretty. I feel like i dont know anyone on here.
by nzmbf, 6 years ago
Thanks Kevin and DU for updating it too (y)
by SPUnkmuNKY, 6 years ago
ATTENTION MEMBERS: Please be advised that the F.A.Q.s have been updated..thank you ADMIN
by Kevin922, 6 years ago
linty: Your uploads are terrible quality and some are doops. Find a new place for pics. Uploading more terrible quality pics will result in you being blocked.
by du, 6 years ago
audio13: Numerous terrible quality pics, obvious non-jb, numerous headless pics, and a pro with a watermark still on the pic. Any more and you'll be blocked. Read the rules/FAQ
by du, 6 years ago
slaker: Your uploads are horrible quality. Find better quality pics or stop uploading. Continuing to upload poor quality pics will result in you being blocked from uploading.
by du, 6 years ago
dinesha: You are dangerously close to being blocked from uploading. Numerous common doops and girls that are clearly too young. I won't give another warning. Find a new source for pics.
by du, 6 years ago
by Kevin922, 6 years ago
eXoLove: Nevermind. You decided to create a second account to upload from so both your accounts have been disabled. Good thinking.
by du, 6 years ago
eXoLove: Convert your pics to JPG. You are uploading PNG files and they don't upload correctly. Also, you are uploading women that are clearly not JB. This is the only warning on both before being blocked if it continues.
by du, 6 years ago
Mostly approved week?! Looks like it's finally time for me to get my cheerleader self pics in. You guys are gonna love em!
by ettubrute, 6 years ago
bikini tops and cut off blue jean shorts.....nothing beats it!!
by flexedmuscle, 6 years ago
comments #52218 sorry, lost link to current comments page
by woodst, 6 years ago
bugs: Mostly approved week doesn't mean "upload anything and everything". You still shouldn't upload garbage pics. You've been uploading poor quality pics for quite a while now, I've been letting them go.
by du, 6 years ago
Do not reupload your own previously rejected or dumped pics, that'll still get you banned from uploading. Feedback will also not be provided this week.
by du, 6 years ago
"Mostly Approved" week (extended through 11/23). If your pics are rejected they broke an upload rule, were doops, or were obviously far too old, or were too young. Really bad quality pics will also still be rejected.
by du, 6 years ago
Nice one crazykid (y)
by SPUnkmuNKY, 6 years ago
by tacotruck, 6 years ago
xlent hp
by 49ertype, 6 years ago
whats hp?
by armystrong, 6 years ago
my first hp
by crazykid3793, 6 years ago
very cute
by mikitira, 6 years ago
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