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Photo #99997

02.10.12 675 times 33 35 lists
if you have (legit) site suggestions, e-mail them to Admin. Chances are slim he'd read them here. Contact info in the FAQ.
by du, 5 years ago
jamluvsfeet: You've been given feedback twice. Read the FAQ.
by du, 5 years ago
DU, Feedback would be appreciated on my uploads. Thanks.
by catdog, 5 years ago
ANd more results per page on searches , like 150-200 per page would be nice
by boatguru, 5 years ago
ok thanks du ove uploaded some more can i have some feedback
by jamluvsfeet, 5 years ago
Hey DU have a few uploads,would love some feedback thank you
by micguevara, 5 years ago
i have a question: sometimes the thumbnails of the images i upload show it rotated the wrong way but when i open it, it looks normal. i just want to make sure i'm not uploading any wrongly rotated stuff. thanks!
by mikitira, 5 years ago
@ivegotthis, you have to take into acccount pictures that have been deleted over the years.... :)
by BizarrePuppet, 5 years ago
leap year
by bobo1234, 5 years ago
How are we at #99997 if there are only 88554 photos here?
by ivegottheitis, 5 years ago
possibly part asian bait
by anonimouse, 5 years ago
Dangerously close to the 100,000 mark
by SPUnkmuNKY, 5 years ago
by toker53, 5 years ago
3 more to 100 000 :D
by SlovakGirls, 5 years ago
Not 100K still nice HP(y)
by oSo910, 5 years ago
Instant Classic
by froderick, 5 years ago
I hope that helps carla
by tightnthin, 5 years ago
There are alot of gaps between photo numbers in the first 10,000
by tightnthin, 5 years ago
this is pic 99997 which means it was the 99997 pic added to the site. There are only 88554 pictures on the website because certain ones have been deleted for various reasons. Especially, if you start at picture one.
by tightnthin, 5 years ago
by Kevin922, 5 years ago
So it means 100K pages not 100K pics :) Thanks kev. (y) 911 gets you the police but not 911 police turn up :) (y)
by carla, 5 years ago
and what's the number of the Home Page?..duh!
by Kevin922, 5 years ago
got it thanks du
by tightnthin, 5 years ago
100K photos tomorrow ? Top of screen only shows "Total photos: 88,554" ???? Will need nearly 11,500 more pics to hit 100K :(
by carla, 5 years ago
tightnthin: Doops; #52977 #74289 #57680. Naked - showing too much. Pinkish bikini - poor quality. Couch - pro model. Blue shirt - poor quality.
by du, 5 years ago
This girl's got no skeleton!
by Tanzarian, 5 years ago
afternoon: 3 of your uploads were clearly pro models. Dressing room - poor quality. 3 girls - poor quality. Find a different source, I've already rejected some of your pics uploaded by others.
by du, 5 years ago
jamluvsfeet: On beach - poor quality. On deck - too far away/poor quality. In corner - way too small, poor quality. Scarf - way too blurry/horrible quality. Looking down - terrible quality. Last one had a URL in bottom right, she's a model.
by du, 5 years ago
New comment page #815531
by 754lrx, 5 years ago
left arm does look strange at first glance but looks like left shoulder just protruding forward and hair hiding that and where blow bending
by nsecrets, 5 years ago
Going forward approvals on Friday and Saturday nights will only be 1-2 pages given the lower number of visitors and votes on those nights.
by du, 5 years ago
The quest for number 100k will have to wait for tomorrow
by Barry, 5 years ago
Next HP?
by leontheprofessio, 5 years ago
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